The Art of Packing: Streamlining Your Belongings for a Move

The Art of Packing: Streamlining Your Belongings for a Move

Packing for a move is critical, demanding finesse and strategy to ensure a smooth transition. It significantly impacts the move’s quality, from safeguarding belongings to optimising space and ensuring superior organisation. Whether a local or long-distance move, employing the best packing practices, from utilising high-quality packaging materials to meticulous labeling and proper sealing of boxes, sets the tone for a successful relocation. The article explores the art of packing, emphasising its role in streamlining the process and making relocations more efficient and manageable.

1. Adaptability and Creativity

When packing for a move, adaptability and creativity are crucial in adjusting to the specific circumstances and constraints you may encounter during packing while finding resourceful and unconventional ways to pack belongings securely and efficiently. For example, flexibility and creatively optimising packing solutions are crucial when facing space constraints.

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5 Must-Have Black Antique Hardware Pieces for Your Home


5 Must-Have Black Antique Hardware Pieces for Your Home

In the vast realm of home decor, black antique hardware stands out as a timeless choice, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality. The dark allure and vintage charm of these pieces add a layer of sophistication and uniqueness to any space. Here are five must-have black antique hardware pieces that can elevate the aesthetic of your home, making every corner speak volumes about your distinctive style.

1. Black Antique Door Knobs:

A door is the first interaction one has with any room, and what better way to make a lasting impression than with exquisite black antique door knobs? These pieces, often adorned with intricate designs and a rich, dark finish, add a touch of elegance and history to your doors. The contrast of the black hardware against the door, whether it’s painted a light hue or a dark tone, makes a bold statement, welcoming guests with a blend of luxury Read the rest

The Best Ways to Grow Your Spa Business

The Best Ways to Grow Your Spa Business

With all the daily tension and stress, many people like treating themselves to self-care. With over 20k global spa businesses, you must have great strategies to take your business to the next level. Some of the strategies you can use are:

1. Use Natural Enzymes

Natural enzymes are important for treating and eliminating organic waste, such as urine, debris, and leaves. Enzymes can also help with regular maintenance of your hot tub and pool in several ways.

One way is to increase filter run cycles. With hot tub enzymes, filters will be more effective and need less cleaning because non-living wastes will be broken down before they accumulate. Other ways may include the following:

  • Superior water clarity
  • Reducing scum lines

2. Host Events

The best spa promotion ideas won’t just generate more traffic to your door. They will as well forge a stronger industry relationship. Attending and hosting events Read the rest

Ultra-Luxury Property Investment In Hong Kong

Ultra-Luxury Property Investment In Hong Kong

Setting the example of an affluent residential area Mid-Levels in Hong Kong showcases amazing properties that uplift the style of elite homes. The sight of the location is extravagant because Mid Levels is nestled between the picturesque Victoria Peak and the busy Central. The locality is a combination of wealthy expatriates and rich locals. The disposable income and lifestyle evolution rose rapidly which contributed to the increase in demand for luxuries. The most sought-after component has been an elite or ultra-luxury home investment. Although there is a massive fluctuation in this sector, especially after the pandemic there is still high demand in the market. Hong Kong is known for well-equipped magnificent villas and apartments of which the mid levels west for sale is something to check out for home buyers.

The Mid Levels is one prominent place that is an aspiration for settlers because the luxury homes are a delight … Read the rest

Harry (94) wins prestigious gardening competition

Harry Gerber (94) is the proud winner of the Eedenglen Retirement Village Garden competition.

Harry Gerber (94) is the proud winner of the Eedenglen Retirement Village Garden competition.

After working diligently in his beautiful garden for many years, Harry Gerber (94) is the proud winner of the Eedenglen Retirement Village Gardening competition, a prestigious award for the elderly at the village.

Gerber said that before moving to the retirement village 16 years ago, he built his own homes over the years and planned out his own gardens.

Despite moving to the retirement village 16 years ago, Gerber only moved into his current home with his wife Minnie (88), 12 years ago.

He said that when they moved to their new home he redid their entire garden and transformed it into a succulent plant garden.

Since transforming the garden, with help from his wife, Gerber continued to maintain the garden and occasionally planted new plants while removing those that died.

He said that when

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Poway’s Enchanted Garden with its mythical creatures opens for holiday tours

Fairies, brownies, gnomes, elves and hobbits live in the Enchanted Garden in Poway, and many of them have fanciful stories about their lives and livelihoods.

Those stories are usually told by their caretakers, Bejai and Dan Higgins, who host guided tours of the garden at their home at 13631 Rostrata Road. They also open the garden to the public three times a year on Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

The next scheduled open house will be noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 17. Dan Higgins will dress as Santa Claus and pose for pictures with children while his wife tells tales of what the garden’s creatures are up to in their miniature homes, businesses and other buildings.

“I don’t have stories for every building because there are too many, but when we build something for the garden we think about who lives there, what jobs they take in the garden, who

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Building Tranquility: The Home Depot Foundation Joins Forces To Address PTSD Struggles for Army Veteran

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Submitted by The Home Depot

The Home Depot Foundation and HandsOn Greater Phoenix volunteers work on a veterans home.

Originally published on Built From Scratch

Zakary Ferroni served in the U.S. Army from 2003 to 2012, and today, he grapples with the lasting effects of his service in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). This makes it difficult for him to work; his husband, Joe, currently supports the household.

The Home Depot Foundation and HandsOn Greater Phoenix recently teamed up as part of the 2023 Operation Surprise campaign to help Zakary and Joe reclaim their outdoor space. The ultimate goal was to provide a calming, tranquil space to help manage his symptoms and offer some financial relief.

More than 100 volunteers from Team Depot, Home Depot’s associate volunteer force, helped revamp landscaping, upgrade irrigation, paint the home exterior and add outdoor furniture. The team also rebuilt the firepit, replaced broken fencing and made garage upgrades. Zakary and Joe were

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Brussels sprouts are gems in the garden

A row of Brussels sprouts growing in the fall garden looks like green gems strung on upright, hanging necklaces. Brussels sprouts make an elegant border for the garden when their sprouts are filled out.

A clever marketing strategy for Brussels sprouts like these is to sell the entire stalk while the sprouts are still attached to the stalk, thus eliminating labor cost for harvesting each sprout separately. There are 57 sprouts on this stalk, which weighed 2.5 lbs. when cut from the stalk.

A clever marketing strategy for Brussels sprouts like these is to sell the entire stalk while the sprouts are still attached to the stalk, thus eliminating labor cost for harvesting each sprout separately. There are 57 sprouts on this stalk, which weighed 2.5 lbs. when cut from the stalk.

Brussels sprouts are members of Brassicaceae, the cabbage family. The specific epithet of Brussels Sprouts, Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group, totally describes the little sprouts that look like green gems, hence the group name Gemmifera. The sprouts grow in nodes of leaves on thick upright stalks. Brussels sprouts look like tiny cabbages, but they are distinctly different from cabbages that form heads from the ground.

Members of

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Reducing food insecurity the goal of a rooftop garden at Baptist Health-Fort Smith

Baptist Health-Fort Smith is growing fruits and vegetables in a new rooftop garden in hopes of addressing food insecurity among its patients. It’s the first of its kind in Arkansas, and just one of 25 nationwide, according to hospital officials.

Located on the roof of Marvin Altman Fitness Center on the Baptist Health-Fort Smith campus, the garden is capable of growing 27 different crops of fruits and vegetables. Baptist Health employees and the River Valley Master Gardeners volunteered their time to plant winter crops such as swiss chard, turnips and beets at the end of October with the first phase of planting complete on Oct. 30, said Hannah Schultz, graduate assistant at Baptist Health-Fort Smith.

Those crops will be ready for harvest in the middle to end of December, said Schultz, who began researching and planning the garden in July.

“All crops have been selected and planned according to their

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Holiday train garden takes over Hanover fire museum for the 6th year

A popular Hanover holiday train garden has returned for its sixth year, welcoming guests of all ages to see the many trains and exhibits.

Visitors can see the exhibit at the Greater Hanover Area Fire Museum, at 134 Hanover St. in Hanover. The museum is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until Dec. 23, and then is open from Tuesday, Dec. 26 to Saturday, Dec. 30.

The exhibit opened on Nov. 24 and will run until New Year’s Eve, said Kevin Adams, one of the three co-chairs of the event at the Greater Hanover Area Fire Museum.

This year’s opening comes on the heels of the announcement that another popular York County holiday train garden, in Glen Rock, would be coming to an end after over 35 years.

More: Popular holiday train display in southern York County comes to an end after 35+ years

Trains speed through exhibits during the 2023 Christmas Train Garden, Friday, Nov. 24, 2023, at the Greater Hanover Area Fire Museum in Hanover Borough. The exhibit runs through the end of the year.

Trains speed through exhibits during the

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Your end-of-season gardening to-do list in the Midwest

As we approach winter, consider adding a bird feeder to your garden.

As we approach winter, consider adding a bird feeder to your garden.

We celebrated Thanksgiving, and the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game was played. This is usually all that needs to happen for people to put this gardening season behind them and look ahead to the upcoming holidays. There is nothing wrong with this. As we shut the gardening season down, I would like to remind you of a few things you may not have considered.

Out on the patio

There might be a few things out in the yard or around the patio that could be damaged if we have periods of extended sub-freezing temperatures. Items such as plastic rain gauges might get overlooked. You will want to move these items to an area where they will stay a little warmer, such as a garage or shed.

Ceramic and terracotta pots could crack if they are still filled

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Year-round gardening: Gift ideas for the Colorado gardener on your list | Lifestyle

As the garden goes to sleep, it’s time to replenish garden supplies, add a house plant or two, and plan for next year. What a great opportunity to peruse the local nurseries and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.

Rick’s Garden Center offers tropical plants, a dedicated cactus room, along with plenty of Christmas trees and wreaths. Tools include space-optimizing kits for self-watering table gardens and balcony gardens, while the foldaway garden kneeler and seat provides gardening cushion and comfort. Prepare now for seed sowing with Rick’s large selection of heirloom seeds and check next spring for their enhanced tomato plant offering.

Phelan Gardens showcases a wide assortment of garden essentials, garden décor, easy-care air plants, and Colorado-made Fire Mountain edibles. The adjoining greenhouse is full of plants including cyclamen and colorful Christmas cacti.

Phelan’s centerpiece Christmas tree is a nice example of organic décor sporting seed pods, dried leaves

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Planting your leftover store-bought garlic

SAN ANTONIO – Garlic is a kitchen staple, and it’s really annoying when you have to run to the store for just one clove, so let’s plant our own supply in our gardens!

In South Texas, you can plant garlic from October to December. October is usually ideal, but November works, too!

What’s excellent about garlic is you can plant the leftover cloves you bought from the grocery store. When you buy them from the store, buy the biggest bulbs and ensure the garlic is dry and still good.

Of course, you can buy native bulbs from a nursery or online, but re-using your grocery store garlic is sustainable, cheaper, and can grow just as well.

Make sure you do the following to get the best results for planting:

  • Peel back and break up the blub into individual cloves but keep the skin on.

  • Plant in a spot that gets

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