We’re home experts – five things you should never buy at Home Depot

HOME depot is a great place to shop for people who are looking to stock up on DIY products for their latest projects.

But some pros warn that some of the chain’s stock is not suitable for home improvement.

Some pros warn that some of The Home Depot's aren't always suitable for home renovations


Some pros warn that some of The Home Depot’s aren’t always suitable for home renovationsCredit: Getty

depot-news/”>Best Life Online claims that certain products from Home Depot should be totally avoided.


Among them are throw pillows, curtains and rugs, which experts say are cheap and overpriced.

Maria, the founder of Chic Pursuit, claims customers should stay clear of this store when it comes to home improvement.

“The one thing to avoid at Home Depot is their decor section as the selection is weak and the products are overpriced,” she told the outlet.

“Plus, it’s a load of mass-produced products that you can find at cheaper prices at Target, Ikea, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Home Goods.”

She added: “For your best decor options, look for retailers that specialize in home decor for better prices or source from local makers for unique statement pieces.”


Plants and flowers are also a great way to spruce up your home with a bit of color.

But experts say that Home Depot should not be your number one destination when it comes to making your personal space feel fresh.

Instead, you should opt for a specific plant-centered retailer.

Andrew Griffith, a household expert and owner of Garden Furniture, said this is because plants from the bargain store tend to die off quickly.

The only time you should use the retailer for floral-based decorations is within the first couple of days of the floral department’s opening time, usually around spring.

“Many of the plants they receive come in bulk and some of them are not even meant for our American climate. They are also often treated the same which leads to overwatering, and root rot, and are more exposed to pests,” he said.

“It is best to buy your plants from actual plant shops as there are experts [there] who can help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.”


Experts say you could be compromising on a healthy selection of cleaning products by shopping at Home Depot.

And that’s not the only reason you should avoid cleaning materials sold at the retail store.

Kyle Richards, a residential and commercial contractor, said: “In general, you will find better deals on these products in big-box retailers like Walmart and Target. It’s even better to buy them from local grocery stores.”

“And all these stores have something that Home Depot doesn’t—a better selection, especially when it comes to environment-friendly cleaners.

“The ones available at Home Depot tend to be the toxic chemical-laden products of 20 years ago.”


Countertops are a huge part of home decor and retailers are all too aware.

Consequentially, many experts say that kitchen products can be overpriced and Home Depot is no exception.

Aviad Faruz, a retail expert and CEO of e-commerce company Faruzo, said: “The biggest reason behind avoiding this one item is that it’s insanely overpriced at Home Depot. Home Depot doesn’t have as many competitors when it comes to warehouse stores dealing in home improvement.

“As such, they can price their products higher than the market.

“You can find countertops for much cheaper at a stone yard or a fabricator,” he added.


Similarly, hardwood flooring can also be a money-pit, given its popularity with amateur designers.

And experts warn that if you’re in the market for this product, don’t buy it from Home Depot.

David Floyd, a home services expert and owner of The Pest Informer, says that many exotic kinds of wood are prone to termites.

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He said: “The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on new flooring only to find out that it’s been compromised by termite damage or even has a current termite infestation.

“Now often times this won’t be an issue, but large box stores such as Home Depot aren’t going to be as diligent as a hardwood specific retailer in checking for termite activity.”

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