Water supply | Fresh breach hits water supply to large parts of Behala, Garden Reach and Maheshtala

Water supply to large parts of Behala, Garden Reach and Maheshtala was disrupted after a repaired portion of a pipe breached again early on Tuesday, officials of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) and police officers said.

The leak, near Jinjirabazar on Budge Budge Trunk Road, was so big that some of the shops and homes along the stretch got flooded.

Those whose shops and homes were flooded blocked the road in the afternoon, disrupting traffic to and from the city.

Senior CMC engineers said the leak developed in a 900mm-diameter pipe, which supplies potable water to large parts of Behala, Garden Reach and Maheshtala.

“Ten to 12 wards in Behala were affected. It is not that they did not get any water,but the pressure was farlower. The volume of water supplied to these places was much less than usual,” an engineer said.

Dulal Das, chairperson of Maheshtala Municipality, said the affected pipe carries potable water to wards 1 to 10 under the civic body.

“All areas under Maheshtala Municipality receive potable water from the CMC. While wards 1 to 10 werebadly affected, other wards received some waterbecause there is another pipeline that serves those wards,” said Das.

The pipeline first breached last week and repairs started on Saturday, said a police officer. “The CMC had completed repairs on at least one portion on Monday. But lastnight, the repaired portion breached again under high pressure of the water flowing through the pipe,” said the police officer.

Water gushed out and flooded the road. It entered stores and homes along the thoroughfare. “People upset with water flooding their stores and homes blocked Budge Budge Trunk Road for some time in the afternoon,” said a police officer.

Traffic was affected during the roadblock.

The leak was fixed on Tuesday evening.

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