Twitter Sells Furniture at Elon Musk’s Office Auction

Twitter gutted its office (and staff) for parts.

Twitter gutted its office (and staff) for parts.
Image: David Odisho (Getty Images)

Elon Musk’s Twitter era feels like an absolute fever dream, especially now that an auction of the San Francisco office’s furniture has completed. Items across the board went for thousands of dollars, with a statue of Twitter’s iconic logo selling for $100,000.

The auction, hosted by Heritage Global Partners, began last month as the company, under Musks’s tutelage, tried to trim the fat of a seemingly sinking ship by selling furniture and laying off thousands of employees. Starting bids for various office furniture like magnetic dry erase boards, high-top tables, and wooden chairs were in the ballpark of $25 to $50. After the auction finished, the listed furniture wound up selling for thousands of dollars.

To the people that spend a month’s rent on an office chair—whether it’s because you’re a musk fanboy or it was for the lulz—you got played. Sorry about it. Especially considering Twitter and Heritage Global Partners won’t even pay to ship your bounty.

With that said, I am a man of the people, and the Twitter office does have some cool furniture, it’s just that none of it is worth thousands of dollars. So, in celebration of budget furniture, I tried to find eight cheaper alternatives to some of the furniture Twitter has parted with.

The final prices that were reported for the furniture that was auctioned off are reflective of the auction before closing on January 18. Prices were obtained using the WayBackMachine since the auction website does not disclose the final prices.

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