These Are Home Depot’s Store Hours on Labor Day in 2023

Who’s ready to kick back and relax on Labor Day?

Each family celebrates the end-of-summer holiday differently, but pretty much any excuse to fire up the grill and make our favorite Labor Day recipes is one we can get behind. Whether you celebrate the holiday with your friends and family, or simply opt to chill out at home (which is essentially the point of the day), you know it’s going to be a good one.

Though, if you do plan on hosting a pool party or backyard BBQ, then you may find yourself heading over to Home Depot to grab some supplies to prepare for your shindig. After all, the store carries everything you need from grill tools and charcoal to patio furniture and inflatable pools. If you’re heading to the hardware store at the last possible minute, you might be wondering—is Home Depot open on Labor Day? It’s a valid question, considering that some stores are open on Labor Day while others are not. So, read on for everything we know regarding Home Depot’s Labor Day hours in 2023.

is home depot open on labor day in 2023

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Is Home Depot open on Labor Day?

Alas, Home Depot is indeed open on Labor Day during the store’s regular business hours, which is usually from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Of course, we’ll always advise you to check in with your local store, by calling or using the store finder tool, just in case the hours vary by location.

So, go ahead and get your shopping list ready because Home Depot has the best portable grills, bug sprays, cleaning supplies, and more. Oh, and they even have live plants and gardening tools—so you can get your lawn in tip-top shape before your party!

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