The Home Depot Foundation delivers outdoor furniture to the Tiny House Community

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSA) — New outdoor decor items were delivered to the Tiny House Community in Savannah. It was all made possible by the effort of hundreds of volunteers working on Hilton Head Island today—plus the support of a national brand.

Two large box trucks full of goods made their way into the cove at Dundee in Savannah on Tuesday. As volunteers opened the doors, veterans were happy to see what was inside. 

Reggie Chisholm, a resident and veteran said, “Well, I’m overwhelmed. I’m glad. I didn’t know what to expect when they told us we had to clean up the place. It’s quite a step up. You know, it puts us in a high-dollar region. It’s some very nice stuff.”

Each house was given an outdoor chair and cushion. They were also given picnic tables and benches.  Earlier that day,  the Home Depot Foundation hosted an event on Hilton Head Island where 300 volunteers helped to build items for local charities including the Chatham—Savannah Authority for the Homeless. 

Jennifer Dulong, Executive Director for the organization said, “All of our residents are successful. All of our residents are completely financially stable. They’re continuously housed. Many have jobs and are just succeeding in life, and this is where they’re choosing to live. So, we’re incredibly grateful because this is just another form of community support.” 

Agustin Medina Jr. has been living in this community for three years now. He says most of the veterans who live here oftentimes feel alone due to the trauma they’ve been through. He’s hoping this will be a way to bring everyone together.

“It’s a start. We’re hoping and we’ll see the changes that are coming, it’s going to make that possible and then we can have little picnics and stuff like that. That encourages everyone to do a camaraderie, you know cause we’re all isolated,” Medina Jr. said. 

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