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Like many other retailers, The Home Depot offers an extended warranty on appliances and other items you purchase from the mega hardware store. However, The Home Depot’s warranties have restrictions and guidelines you should review to ensure the retailer’s warranties are right for your needs.

How do The Home Depot’s extended warranties work? Read on for details on eligible appliances and home systems products and the conditions and limitations you need to be aware of when buying one of these extended service contracts.

The Home Depot extended warranty overview

The Home Depot offers a variety of home warranty plans through Allstate. These plans cover small and major appliances, power tools, fireplaces and more for up to five additional years after the manufacturer’s warranties on these items have expired. Customers have 90 days from the item’s purchase date to opt into one of The Home Depot’s protection plans.

  • Up to five years of coverage, depending on the product category
  • Can be transferred from person to person
  • Coverage begins from the first day of ownership
  • No service repair fees
  • 30% of warranty price reimbursed if no claims are filed
  • Two-day service guarantee on repairs
  • You may never have to use it
  • Must be purchased within 90 days of buying an item
  • Only covers individual items — no blanket coverage

The Home Depot extended warranty coverage

The Home Depot partners with other warranty providers to offer its extended service plans. As of February 2021, the hardware store refers to its extended warranty as The Home Depot Protection Plan by Allstate.

Appliances and electronics generally come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. An extended protection plan from The Home Depot can give you three to five years of additional coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended. These extended service plans are available for most store purchases, including large and small appliances, grills, power tools, generators and more.

With The Home Depot, coverage length options vary by the item category. As examples:

  • Major appliances – After the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, the policy can provide coverage for an additional three- or five years — at the customer’s choice.
  • General merchandise – Provides an additional two or three years of coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
  • Water heaters – Coverage lasts an additional five years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Note, however, that coverage runs concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty already included with the product. This limits when The Home Depot coverage will kick in. If the item has a defect, breaks down or has a mechanical or electrical issue while the manufacturer’s warranty is still in force, The Home Depot will refer you to the manufacturer. Only if the issue isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will The Home Depot plan step in to cover it.

Also, keep in mind that these warranty plans are sold separately for each item or appliance. If you’re looking for coverage that extends to many home systems and appliances, consider any of our top picks for the best home warranty companies.

What Home Depot extended warranties offer

  • Individual extended warranty plans for many categories of items, including tools, appliances and electronics.
  • Coverage against electrical and mechanical failures and product breakdowns due to normal use.
  • Plans at different price points, from $50 to $595, depending on the item.
  • Coverage length options that vary by product category and can provide three to five additional years of coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • No repair service fees and a three-day service appointment guarantee.

What The Home Depot extended warranties do not offer

  • Repair or replacement of covered items without a receipt.
  • Repair or replacement of covered items that have not been registered.
  • Coverage that extends to several home systems or appliances.
  • Repair or replacement of misused appliances or those that haven’t received maintenance.
  • Accessory parts and components that need to be replaced frequently, such as light bulbs.
  • Breakdowns and malfunctions due to incorrect installation or attempted repairs.

The Home Depot extended plans and prices

The cost of The Home Depot’s protection plans will depend on the length of coverage and the price of the item being covered. For example, there are two term length options for major appliances: three or five years. The five-year plan is the most popular and expensive of the two. Under this plan, coverage for a $2,000 appliance would cost $295, while coverage for a $9,000 appliance would cost $595.

Additional coverage

The Home Depot extended warranties also afford some coverage for preventative maintenance items (like water and air filters) and cosmetic items (such as grates and knobs). This option works on a reimbursement basis and will cover up to 50% of the item’s replacement cost. Coverage for maintenance and cosmetic items is capped at $500 for the duration of the plan. This means customers are responsible for costs that exceed the coverage limit.

The Home Depot’s extended protection plans also include coverage for food spoils due to refrigerator or freezer failure. You’ll get a reimbursement of $300 on top of the repair or replacement of your appliance. At the end of the contract, you’ll receive 30% of the price you paid for your coverage back in rebates if you did not file any claims.

What customers say about Home Depot extended warranties?

The Home Depot has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating is based on the company’s 100% customer response rate and the fact that it has been in business for over 43 years.

Customer feedback about The Home Depot on BBB is mostly negative. Most complaints appear to center around customer service issues and response times. Warranty-specific complaints touch on the time it takes repair technicians to resolve problems and on customers being referred to the manufacturer for repairs or replacements.

On Trustpilot, The Home Depot doesn’t score much higher in terms of customer satisfaction. However, most reviews mention product delivery issues and poor customer service at different store locations.

The Home Depot extended warranty FAQ

Do you need a receipt for an extended warranty from The Home Depot?

Yes, you need a receipt to file a claim. If you purchased the appliance in-store, you must upload a copy of the receipt on SquareTrade’s (an Allstate company) platform so it’s already on file when you need to contact them. If you purchased your item online, you can use the receipt that was emailed to you.

How do you submit a claim?

You can submit a claim by calling 1-833-763-0688 or visiting The service is available via phone and through an online claims form 24/7.

Can I submit a claim for a scratch or a dent?

Cosmetic damage is not covered, but you may be reimbursed for certain cosmetic items. For example, if your stove was damaged during the delivery and a knob is no longer attached to the unit, The Home Depot may reimburse you for 50% of the price of a new range knob.

It’s important to note that “cosmetic damage” differs from “cosmetic items.” The company will not cover damages that occurred in transport, such as scratches, dents, scuffs or other marks that don’t impact the item’s performance.

Am I able to cancel my warranty after I purchase it?

Yes, you can cancel The Home Depot’s protection plan, provided you do so within 90 days of purchasing it. You must complete the cancellation form on The Home Depot’s website and send it in with your receipt. The receipt must be dated within 90 days of your warranty purchase. If your warranty was purchased more than 90 days ago, you can no longer cancel it.

Are there limits to coverage?

There are coverage limits. Here are some things that may not be covered under The Home Depot Protection Plan by Allstate:

  • Damage caused by any natural disaster
  • Damage caused by vandalism or intentional damage to the appliance
  • Issues that were caused before you purchased the warranty (if you purchase the item first and the warranty at a later time)
  • Theft
  • Installation fee
  • Improper use
  • Failure to provide preventative care (not changing air/water filters or cleaning out hoses, for example)
  • Issues occurring from attempting to perform an installation yourself
  • Damage caused during delivery of the item
  • Accidental damage caused while you’re transporting the item from the store to your house

Read our article on home warranty coverage to understand how extended service contracts generally work. Plans differ by provider and state, so read your contract carefully.

How does The Home Depot’s extended warranty work?

It’s easy to get started with Home Depot extended warranty on appliances:

  1. When you purchase your appliance online or in-store, you’ll be asked if you want to add an extended warranty.
  2. Purchasing a protection plan could extend the manufacturer’s warranty that already comes with the item by up to five years, yet coverage length options vary by product category.
  3. If you choose not to purchase the warranty along with the item, you’ll have 90 days to opt into The Home Depot’s extended appliance warranty.
  4. After the manufacturer warranty ends, The Home Depot will service all repairs and replacements through an insurance provider such as Allstate.

How we evaluated The Home Depot warranty plans

We evaluated The Home Depot’s extended warranty plans based on several factors, including the scope of coverage, plan options, pricing, and transparency regarding its claims process and cancellation policy.

The Home Depot extended warranty summary

The Home Depot‘s extended warranty can benefit those who have purchased expensive items, such as appliances, furniture and electronics. An extended protection plan can provide coverage against breakdowns and malfunctions caused by normal use, even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

One thing to consider before purchasing this type of plan is that coverage is concurrent to the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that if you filed a claim with The Home Depot while the manufacturer’s warranty is in effect, you’ll be referred to the manufacturer. Before purchasing an extended warranty, whether from The Home Depot or elsewhere, read the plan details to understand coverage, exclusions and limitations.

If you’re looking for coverage that extends to multiple home systems and appliances, check out our top picks for the best home warranty companies.

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