Guilford Garden Center celebrates 60 years, changes hands

GREENSBORO — Amid all the holiday decorations they’ve got in their store, the new owners of Guilford Garden Center are keyed up for spring. 

Last week, Elliott and Stephanie Jones took over Guilford Garden Center on Milner Drive near Guilford College in Greensboro after buying it from the most recent prior owner, Christina Larson. The business, started in 1963, is celebrating its 60th anniversary year. 

Even in November, the garden supply store is surrounded by a lush landscape of plants for sale. And over all of that are the sounds of fountains trickling and hoses spraying, as staff members work to keep the greenery watered.

Inside is the kind of eclectic space where a customer could consider purchasing a statue of a cat licking its paw, only to turn around and find one of the three felines who live at the center doing just that. 

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Authority offers reminders on disposal of garden supplies and availability of compost

As the spring cleanup and gardening seasons begin, you may begin to come across old garden supplies that you are unsure of how to properly dispose of. Here are some reminders and tips on how to dispose of these items:

  • Yard tools – Yard tools like shovels and rakes cannot be placed at the curb for curbside recycling. Instead, they can be brought to either of the Authority’s EcoDrop facilities in Utica or Rome to be recycled as scrap metal. If they are still in good condition, reach out to a neighbor to see if they could use them, or donate them.
  • Electric and gas power tools – Electric and gas power tools are not accepted for curbside recycling. Electric power tools along with power cords and rechargeable batteries can be recycled at the Authority’s EcoDrops. Gas power tools are also accepted at the Authority’s EcoDrops. Please be sure that
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Tasks to perform to prepare your garden for spring

Spring is coming, hurrah! We’ve reached meteorological spring, the weather reporters tell us. Astronomical spring is only three weeks away — gardening begins in earnest at last.

There is plenty to do and inviting days of mild temperatures dare us to declare winter over. But, not so fast. While this year has been mild with scant winter weather, we shouldn’t be lured into letting the desire for spring outpace the reality of spring. We will have warmer temperatures and longer days, but remember that a single hard frost can wipe out plants set out too early. Snowstorms are not that uncommon in March and while I, too, hope for an early spring, I urge you to use common sense and caution in embracing the change too early. There’s plenty we can do now without risking frozen or stunted plants.

Protect your soil. Don’t walk on wet garden beds or dig

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These 10 Companies Make the Best Power Tools, Period

10 best power tool brands of 2023, according to experts

10 Best Power Tool Brands of 2023 Philip Friedman

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You don’t need to be a remodeling contractor or professional woodworker to appreciate the many benefits of power tools. A trusty cordless drill will help you speed through a range of projects, from hanging shelves to assembling furniture. A high-powered pressure washer can blast away stains from decks and driveways in a fraction of the time it takes to tackle them manually with a scrub brush and elbow grease. And a capable circular saw is the only way to cut through large pieces of lumber, short of sweating for hours over a handsaw.

No wonder home centers and hardware stores have aisle after aisle of power tools. That raises the question: Which brand is right for you? Having tested hundreds of tools over the last decade

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30+ Best Cyber Monday Tool Deals of 2022

The Best Cyber Monday Tool Deals of 2022

Design: Bob Vila Team

Cyber Monday deals end in hours, so your time is running out to act on the biggest tool deals of the year. Chain home improvement stores such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware are reliable sources of deals on power tools this time of year, but you can always count on Amazon and Harbor Freight for additional flash sales and budget tool options. Don’t miss your opportunity to build up your tool collection—or pick up gifts for someone else’s workshop.

HOME DEPOT DEALS: Huge Savings on Power Tools, Furniture, and More

DEWALT DEALS: Home Depot Is Giving Away Free Tools and More

While nearly every manufacturer and retailer is offering some type of holiday sale on tools, we’re particularly impressed by the number of buy-one-get-one deals from DeWalt, Milwaukee, and more. We’ve highlighted several below.

Prices will change, so bookmark

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Home Depot Black Friday 2022: date plus what to expect

The Home Depot Black Friday 2022 sale is just around the corner, meaning shoppers looking to save a bit on home improvement goods don’t have to wait long, Scheduled for a 10.31 start date, the Home Depot Black Friday sale (opens in new tab) will give deal hunters a great opportunity so score deals on appliances, power tools, Christmas decorations, and much more.

But with the recent rush of early Black Friday deals (opens in new

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