Centravis supplies almost 40 tonnes of stainless pipes for modernization of Parisian Garden of Plants

Centravis supplies almost 40 tonnes of stainless pipes for modernization of Parisian Garden of Plants

PJSC Centravis Production Ukraine, part of the Centravis Ltd. holding, supplied about 40 tonnes of seamless stainless steel pipes for the Garden of Plants in Paris.

According to the company’s press release, Ukrainian pipes are intended to modernize the complex.

As specified, the Garden of Plants in Paris was founded in the 17th century. It is the oldest botanical garden in the French capital and the first open to the public. For many centuries, rare plants from all over the world were planted there.

The Garden of Plants is part of the National Museum of Natural History. On its territory there are four large departments – the Museum of Mineralogy, the Museum of Paleontology, the Museum of Entomology and an extensive gallery of evolution, as well as a zoo and an aquarium.

The special pride of the park area of the Garden of Plants is the greenhouses, the first of

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Sponsored: Perino’s Home & Garden Center voted Best Garden Store in Gambits 2023 Best of New Orleans Readers Poll | Free Fun

Perino's Home & Garden Center

Our grandfather, Salvador “Sam” Perino, established Perino’s Nursery in 1949, after proudly serving as a Naval Aviator in WWII.

After the war, Sam and his loving wife Magdalene Perino started a 24-hour grocery and produce market in New Orleans on the corner of Carrollton and Claiborne. The market sold cut flowers for special occasions and served sliced watermelon during the summer months. He eventually introduced camellias and azaleas into the mix, which led to the launch of Perino’s Nursery. In 1955, Sam took a leap of faith and moved his business to Veterans Memorial Blvd, which at the time was just a dirt road.

Perino's Home & Garden Center

Perino’s became a multi-generational business when his two sons (Buddy and Peter Perino) joined the business in the late 1970’s. Buddy and Peter helped expand Perino’s Garden Center into a full retail, growing, and landscape operation with a focus on cultivating quality local plants. In 2004,

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Modular app-controlled vertical garden stacks greens indoors or out

Italy’s Hexagro has launched a new vertical garden designed to bring a splash of green to the home. Designed for folks with limited space, the Clovy offers growers the choice of hydroponics or aeroponics, the setup can grow taller as their green thumbs develop, and it features pods made from recycled materials or agricultural waste.

Thanks to an IoT irrigation system, folks don’t need to concern themselves with daily watering as the automation technology takes care of that, with fine control available via a companion mobile app – which includes an “AI-powered cultivation assistant” called Hexbee that helps guide users through plant care and maintenance.

“With the IoT system, you can schedule specific times and days for irrigation, adjusting the amount of water delivered,” explained the company. “This flexibility allows you to optimize water consumption, reduce waste, and promote responsible water resource management. Moreover, the irrigation system features two electrical

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Get garden color with less work by planting in containers | Home/Garden

Most of us crave color in the landscape. Colorful flowers and foliage enliven a landscape and bring interest and beauty.

We typically plant colorful flowerbeds to provide splashes of color. While beautiful, flowerbeds are high maintenance. They require laborious bed preparation and planting. Then comes the continuous work of grooming (deadheading and removing unattractive foliage), watering, weeding and fertilizing.

With the record-breaking heat this summer, it’s been hard to get out and maintain flowerbeds. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to have the landscape color we want without all that labor?

Planting colorful bedding plants in large containers will do just that. Strategically placed where the color will be most appreciated, colorful plants in containers can add the color we crave with much less effort.

The only limit to where you put colorful container gardens is water. It’s best to have a source of water close enough

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‘[Four] of them totally destroyed my garden’

After months spent tending to your vegetable garden, it can be frustrating when pests destroy your hard work. One Redditor recently shared a photo of a troublesome garden pest that had enjoyed snacking on their pepper plant.

In a popular Reddit post, the user included a photo of the hornworm that has taken up residence in their garden.

Hornworms are large caterpillars with horn-like tails. They are the larval stage of the five-spotted hawk moth. Before their metamorphosis into adulthood, five-spotted hawk moths spend a few weeks as three- to four-inch-long green caterpillars.

Their favorite foods are typically tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and other plants in the nightshade family.


Photo Credit: u/Bubbly_Lie_5508 / Reddit

These pests are commonly found throughout North America, from northern Mexico to the southern regions of Canada. For this unlucky gardener, this was their first encounter with a hornworm.

“We don’t have the heart

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Are ants harmful to the garden? Usually not

I replanted some of my containers last week, swapping out dead pansies for petunias, which will better withstand the heat as summer progresses. As I removed the spent plants from their pots, a swarm of ants immediately covered my bare arms.

That wasn’t the first time I’d disturbed an ants’ nest in my garden. Last year, they were in my potato grow bags; the year prior, in the front garden bed. Each encounter ended with me racing into the house, removing my clothes as quickly as possible, placing them straight into the washer and taking my second shower of the day.

It’s not pleasant to stumble upon a colony of ants, to say the least, but are the tiny little insects actually harmful to our plants?

Myths abound! I’ve heard gardeners attest that peonies won’t bloom without ants. This is simply untrue. I’ve also heard gardeners lament that ants were

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Gardening for You: Ollas: Nifty hydration system

In last week’s Gardening for You column (July 12) were some water principles to consider for optimizing growth and development of crop plants. In today’s column is a nifty water delivery system that keeps plants hydrated on hot July days.

Traditional water delivery systems that supply water to plants include sprinklers, soaker hoses, hand watering, and drip. But there is an ancient method to keep plants hydrated that plant growers in arid parts of the globe have used for centuries: the olla.

An olla is being used to deliver water to a tomato plant. Only the neck and lid is visible as the large clay water reservoir is buried under the soil surface. The narrow neck reduces evaporation at the soil surface.

An olla is being used to deliver water to a tomato plant. Only the neck and lid is visible as the large clay water reservoir is buried under the soil surface. The narrow neck reduces evaporation at the soil surface.

The word “olla” (OY-yah) is from the Latin meaning “pot”. In fact, an olla is just that – a clay pot.

The olla hydration system is simple. A

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Summer Gardening Survival Strategies

As warm temperatures reach precedent-setting levels globally and drought conditions linger, summer is a good time to evaluate how your garden is surviving – or not. 

Every plant has a cycle so many flowering plants only bloom at certain times of the year and then go dormant until the next season, but choosing plants that can thrive in local conditions, current and future, is critical. The Audubon Society of Northern Virginia’s “ambassadors” can help.

Photo by Betsy Martin courtesy of Audubon at Home 


Dealing with Drought

As the planet warms, the frequency and duration of droughts will increase, warned the United Nations last year. Northern Virginia localities are now at a “moderate drought intensity,” according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. 

Over six million people, including most in the Washington, D.C., region rely on water from the Potomac River basin, says the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin. Over two

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Gardener shares life-changing hack for removing unwanted plants from your garden: ‘That is so smart’

A recent TikTok hack is eliminating the need for extra garden tools, using a common household item to uproot pesky plants and weeds from the garden.

The scoop

The TikTok account for the family-owned garden center and nursery, Smith’s Gardentown (@smithsgardentown), shares tips on everything gardening — from taking care of your plants to tree recommendations to garden-friendly bugs.

One of the user’s hacks involves eliminating the need for expensive garden tools.

In the video, the TikToker explains that if you wait until it rains a significant amount, you can use pliers to pull unwanted plants out by the root. The rain softens the ground, which makes it easier to get the roots out.

All you have to do is pull from the base of the plant with the pliers, and the entire root — called the taproot — should come out. After getting it out, the

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If you grow your own cutting garden, you’ll have beautiful flower bouquets all season long

Every spring, I cut fragrant lilac stems from the two bushes flanking my front gate and set them in a vase indoors, where their fragrance perfumes the entire first floor better than any scented candle or diffuser could.

In summer, some of my hydrangeas and roses make it indoors too, their blossoms commanding attention in a vase on my dining room table.

Almost every flower can be cut and enjoyed indoors, but growing a proper cutting garden takes a bit of planning, and the first step is to consider your flowers as a crop to be harvested. Just as some tomato varieties are preferred for use in sauces, some flowers are better for cutting and arranging than others.

Those with short stems, for instance, don’t lend themselves to a second act in a vase. Ditto those with fragile blossoms, which would wither indoors within a day.

Seed catalogs offer the

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