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By Sara Moran, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Horticulture Agent for Midland and Ector Counties

I was listening to Taylor Swift’s song (Christmas Tree Farm) where mistletoe is mentioned in a romantic scenario as you might have seen mistletoe on many season decorations or Hallmark movies (come on! Don’t tell me you never watch a Holiday Hallmark movie!). But mistletoe is as romantic as we know it? Well, keep reading!

Mistletoe is characterized by its green leaves and small, white berries. You can find mistletoe in many parts of the world, and — are you ready for this? — mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on various trees, extracting nutrients from its host.

There are different species of mistletoe. The American mistletoe — called oak mistletoe — occurs throughout the United States and affects deciduous trees. Tree species affected include oak, sugarberry, cherry, sycamore, elm, and more. While American mistletoe

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Good Natured Gardening: Gardening in December

‘Tis the season when Christmas appears on the horizon, and opportunities for gardening are fewer. It’s a great time to admire the remaining autumn colors, sit in front of a roaring fire, and enjoy this month’s festivities.

Baseball players take winter off to relax, so gardeners also should be able to have an off-season. No planting, fertilizing, or weeding, and no stressing. Right? In your dreams.

Clarence Schmidt

Clarence Schmidt

(Courtesy photo)

So that you can grow in the know, here’s this month’s yard to-dos.

Get a jump on building those new planter beds. Building them now will give the soil time to settle and be ready for springtime planting.

Make time for some prime-time armchair gardening. Flip through a few plant and seed catalogs for ideas.

Don’t forget about that partridge in the tree, the turtle doves, and all those calling birds. That’s a lot of birds to feed. So, clean

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Planting your leftover store-bought garlic

SAN ANTONIO – Garlic is a kitchen staple, and it’s really annoying when you have to run to the store for just one clove, so let’s plant our own supply in our gardens!

In South Texas, you can plant garlic from October to December. October is usually ideal, but November works, too!

What’s excellent about garlic is you can plant the leftover cloves you bought from the grocery store. When you buy them from the store, buy the biggest bulbs and ensure the garlic is dry and still good.

Of course, you can buy native bulbs from a nursery or online, but re-using your grocery store garlic is sustainable, cheaper, and can grow just as well.

Make sure you do the following to get the best results for planting:

  • Peel back and break up the blub into individual cloves but keep the skin on.

  • Plant in a spot that gets

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‘I’m literally never buying herbs again’

Rosemary can enhance the flavor of many dishes, so it’s a great spice to have on hand whenever you need it.

And thanks to one gardening hack on TikTok, you’ll never have to worry about running out of rosemary again.

The scoop

In a viral TikTok video, Martha (@marfskitchengarden) shared a gardening trick that seems almost too good to be true: endless rosemary.

“Did you know you can grow a lifetime’s supply of rosemary just using one packet of cut rosemary from the supermarket?” she says.

First, strip the bottom leaves from the stem and trim the bottom. Place your rosemary sprigs in water to promote root growth and propagation. Be sure to change the water each week, and after about three to four weeks, you’ll notice roots growing.

Once you notice the roots, it’s time to plant them in pots. Rosemary thrives in a free-draining, soil-based mix, so

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Are ants harmful to the garden? Usually not

I replanted some of my containers last week, swapping out dead pansies for petunias, which will better withstand the heat as summer progresses. As I removed the spent plants from their pots, a swarm of ants immediately covered my bare arms.

That wasn’t the first time I’d disturbed an ants’ nest in my garden. Last year, they were in my potato grow bags; the year prior, in the front garden bed. Each encounter ended with me racing into the house, removing my clothes as quickly as possible, placing them straight into the washer and taking my second shower of the day.

It’s not pleasant to stumble upon a colony of ants, to say the least, but are the tiny little insects actually harmful to our plants?

Myths abound! I’ve heard gardeners attest that peonies won’t bloom without ants. This is simply untrue. I’ve also heard gardeners lament that ants were

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Tropical Gardening: Remember dads now and throughout the year

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civic issues – Kolkata Municipal Corporation water supply pipe explodes at Garden Reach

A 15ft long section of a 1200mm diameter water pipe inside the Garden Reach water treatment plant in southwest Kolkata burst and broke away from the supply line disrupting water supply in and around the city on Wednesday morning.

Engineers who were restoring the broken section said that water supply would remain normal on Thursday. The accident happened around 7am.

A senior engineer of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), the custodian of the plant, said that the line burst and broke open the soil and concrete surface above it, such was its impact.

“We are still working on the repairs. We are hoping that the water supply will remain normal from Thursday morning,” said the engineer on Wednesday night.

Another engineer said that supply to the affected line was stopped to enable repairs and the water was diverted through other pipes.

Large areas of Kolkata, including entire Behala and

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Plants which need a ‘tiny amount of water’ to grow in your garden – including lavender

With hot summers soon to be the norm for areas in the UK, gardeners may be looking for plants which can withstand the warm weather. Property experts at Stokemont Surveyors recommended lavender, a popular plant which can be “left to its own devices”.

The experts explained: “A super simple flower to kickstart your water-efficient garden is lavender, a flowering plant of the Lavandula family.

“The gorgeous light purple and white coloring makes for a stunning display, and its need for only a little water a day means it can be left to its own devices.

“Bear in mind that lavender does require a lot of sun to truly thrive, so be wise about where you plant the seeds.”

In a similar purple color is the California Lilac.

READ MORE: ‘Golden rule’ for removing toilet limescale with just 2 ingredients

“However, at the end of the branches bloom vibrant pink flowers

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Plumline Nursery has the wide selection and expert staff to help your garden grow

Whether you want to plant just a few flowers to spruce up the front porch, or you’re ready to go full steam ahead into a completely new redesign for your yard, Plumline Nursery in Murrysville is one garden center you want to make sure to visit.

One thing we are hearing from our customers, time and time again, is: “I can’t get the landscaper to call me back.” While everyone is looking to beautify their homes, the demand for knowledgeable and skilled help is far outweighing the supply.

That’s where Plumline comes in. Stop by and talk to one of our experienced consultants. They always have time to listen to your needs and make suggestions and offer advice.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear from customers.

What sets Plumline Nursery apart from other garden centers?

As one of Pittsburgh’s largest nursery destinations, we are able

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