Bishopville thief steals materials for community garden

Partners involved in making a community garden are now asking for community donations and support after a thief stole their materials.

BISHOPVILLE, S.C. — The City of Bishopville is recouping after a thief stole $2000 worth of materials from a community garden before it was able to start growing.

On Saturday, Luke Giddings, the Mayor of Bishopville took to Facebook to say, “A big thanks to all those who showed up and wanted to help. Unfortunately, someone decided to cut through the locked fence and steal the metal-raised garden beds, sprinklers, and other supplies that Clemson Extension provided for the community garden. We will revisit this project once we check the cameras and allow the police to complete their investigation. This is disappointing and sad that anyone would steal from a cause such as this. However, if, and when the person behind this is discovered you have my word

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