Denver Urban Gardens Hits Major Milestone with its 200th Community Garden

The largest independent community garden organization in the country just reached a significant milestone this year. On October 13th, Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) transformed an orphaned plot of city-owned land that sat vacant for more than 60 years into The 48th & Julian DUG Community Garden— making it the network’s 200th community garden across seven counties in the Denver Metro area. This is a monumental achievement not only in Colorado but in the U.S

For 45 years, DUG has worked towards its mission: build a garden in every neighborhood, create community and cultivate food and climate resilience. “When people hear about community gardens, they think “that’s sweet” or that it’s a hobby. What they don’t realize is that they are extraordinary constructs for a city,” said DUG CEO Linda Appel Lipsius. “It’s a way for people, especially city dwellers, to grow organic,

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Modular app-controlled vertical garden stacks greens indoors or out

Italy’s Hexagro has launched a new vertical garden designed to bring a splash of green to the home. Designed for folks with limited space, the Clovy offers growers the choice of hydroponics or aeroponics, the setup can grow taller as their green thumbs develop, and it features pods made from recycled materials or agricultural waste.

Thanks to an IoT irrigation system, folks don’t need to concern themselves with daily watering as the automation technology takes care of that, with fine control available via a companion mobile app – which includes an “AI-powered cultivation assistant” called Hexbee that helps guide users through plant care and maintenance.

“With the IoT system, you can schedule specific times and days for irrigation, adjusting the amount of water delivered,” explained the company. “This flexibility allows you to optimize water consumption, reduce waste, and promote responsible water resource management. Moreover, the irrigation system features two electrical

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FORT MYERS | Home Depot Foundation, Inspiritus rebuild homes in Harlem Heights

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Local veteran Leon and his wife Julia waited out Hurricane Ian in their Harlem Heights home. A boat rescued them with 3.5 feet of water in their house. The couple has been displaced from their home since the storm. Their neighbor Lester, also a veteran, got five feet of flooding in his home and lived in his car and now a FEMA trailer in his front yard.

The Home Depot Foundation’s 50 volunteers and the non-profit organization Inspiritus mudded walls, replaced doors, floors, trim, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

Inspiritus President and CEO John Moeller said, “I think hope abounds and hope abounds because Inspiritus is still on the ground and The Home Depot Foundation has not forgotten about these homeowners.”

Both Leon and Lester are two of the nine homeowners whom the Home Depot Foundation will rebuild and repair their homes starting Tuesday.

After Hurricane

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Community garden provides fresh produce for local families

CALDWELL, Idaho — A group of volunteers have been coming together for five years to tend to a garden for the community.

What was once an empty plot at the Canyon Hill Church of the Nazarene in Caldwell is now a place where residents can enjoy a supply of fresh produce.

“Every week I drop off a bunch of stuff, and ever since school started it’s gone by the time everyone is done picking up their kids, and everyone has gone home,” says parent volunteer Heather Terry.

The garden partners with Sacajawea Elementary School to give freshly picked produce to students and their parents.

Heather Terry is a parent who volunteers every week. Her kids attend Sacajawea, and it was after her son told her about the community garden that she figured she could help out and give back to her community.

Just five years ago, two churches in the

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Get Cookout Ready With The Best Labor Day Patio Furniture Sales

Get Cookout Ready With The Best Labor Day Patio Furniture Sales

If you’re planning a cookout with friends and family this holiday weekend, you’re in luck. Labor Day patio furniture sales have arrived just in time to host your loved ones in style. Right now, you can grab elegant sectionals perfect to lounge in, fire pits and brand-new grills for sizzling up delicious meals–all without breaking the bank. Popular retailers such as Wayfair, West Elm and Amazon have rolled out incredible deals, stretching from now until September 4.

Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a cozy balcony, you can save on pieces that will complement your space. You may even find yourself with extra cash to put towards that last-minute summer vacation you’ve been yearning for. So, whether you’re an outdoor entertainment enthusiast or a relaxation aficionado, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to save. Below, the best Labor Day patio furniture sales to shop.

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Garden pond used to watercool RTX 4090 PC – fully submersed

Garden pond used to watercool RTX4090 PC

In a world where technology is constantly pushing the boundaries, companies are now exploring the depths of the ocean, not for treasure, but for better heat dissipation for data centers. However on experimental project has taken this concept and applied it to a garden pond, demonstrating the potential of using water to cool high-end PC components.

The watercooled PC project involved the use of an RTX 4090 and an Intel I9 13900k, components that generate over 800 watts of heat. The challenge was to find a way to dissipate this heat effectively, and the solution was found in the most unlikely of places – a garden pond.

The hardware was encased in a clear acrylic cylinder, making it watertight and allowing for rapid heat dissipation. The plan involved building a sealed internal water cooling loop that transfers heat from the components to external copper pipes. These pipes were

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This sofa is on sale for $385 at Home Depot (regularly $715)

When you think of shopping at Home Depot, you’re probably heading there to pick up supplies for a renovation project or a grill and some outdoor furniture.

But did you know Home Depot also sells indoor furniture for your home? If you’re looking to freshen up a room with a new couch or have a college student moving into a new apartment, this is a great time to take advantage of a big sale happening right now at Home Depot, where you can save $330 on a 3-seat upholstered sofa.

Home Depot

$358 at Home Depot

For a limited time, the Brookline Abby 88-in. Polyester Upholstered 3-Seater Rolled Arm Sofa has a sale price of only $385. This is a 46% markdown from the regular retail price of $715.42. You also get free shipping or in-store pickup when you purchase this item.

Add the sofa to your shopping cart on

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Tropical Gardening: Hawaii Island cloud forests are threatened

Cloud forests, like the Kona Cloud Forest on the west side of Hawaii Island, are in jeopardy. Global warming is one culprit, and another is land clearing for development by landowners unaware of the impact forest destruction has on the eco-system and water-supplying aquifers. Trees produce oxygen, they supply shade, and sequester carbon that would contribute to global warming.

Many of Hawaii’s forests and watersheds are threatened, even with all the rhetoric about saving forests. In East Hawaii, many forest areas are subdivided into small lots of one to three acres. Unless the owners of the land commit to protecting the forested lots, they are often bulldozed and flattened.

In West Hawaii, the same situation is occurring with private lands being subdivided and cleared. One example in West Hawaii is the Kaloko Mauka subdivision that sits within the Kona Cloud Forest, where we are witnessing lots being subdivided and inadvertently

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Hydroponic Garden Tower grows year-round greens indoors

I grew up with a ready supply of freshly picked greens and veggies from my parents’ garden, but apartment dwellers don’t have such luxuries. This is where indoor growing units can help, and the Nutraponics Garden Tower can host up to 100 plants.

Though we have seen mainstream companies like LG get into the automated growing scene, most of the indoor gardening projects we’ve seen over the years have sought production funding on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The Nutraponics Garden Tower system is also taking the crowdfunding route.

The tower is being made available with three growing tiers that can accommodate up to 60 plants at the same time and measures 44 x 24 x 24 in (111.76 x 60.96 x 60.96 cm), or as a 70-inch-high (177.8 cm) five-tier unit for up to 100 plants.

This is an automated hydroponics system that pumps nutrient-enhanced water up through the

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Wilcon Depot set to open branch in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, offering a wide range of home improvement products

The Philippines’ leading home improvement and construction retailer, Wilcon Depot, opened its newest store in Centro St., Guyong, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, on July 28, 2023, to bring quality products to the community. 

Wilcon Depot Sta. Maria is the 5th store to open in Bulacan, further expanding the company’s footprint in the province and demonstrating its commitment to serving its customers. 

“The opening of this new Wilcon Depot branch in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, is a testament to our dedication to serving you better. We understand the importance of accessibility and convenience, so we continuously expand our reach here in the province of Bulacan and in different regions. By bringing Wilcon Depot closer to the doorstep of even more Filipinos, we hope to make every home improvement shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.” Wilcon Depot SEVP-COO Rosemarie Bosch-Ong stated during the opening event.

With the opening of the Sta. Maria, Bulacan branch,

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