The magic of children in the garden

Editor’s note: This column is a revision of an article published in 2012.

Each summer, our grandchildren, Jared and Jade, enjoy a one-week sojourn from Anthem to our home five miles northeast of Flagstaff. Hugh, my husband, takes a few days off work so he can enjoy their visit. Since I would like my grandchildren’s gardening experiences to provide them with pleasant memories, I gather some key gardening supplies before their arrival.

Whether last year’s garden gloves are worn out or not, I buy each grandchild a new pair in the brightest neon colors available. Also, since they may not be around in a few weeks to enjoy the fruits of their labors, I purchase perennials or shrubs already in bloom and ready to plant. Indeed, children appreciate instant gratification as well as adults. Hats, sunscreen, and gardening tools complete the list of

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