Tasks to perform to prepare your garden for spring

Spring is coming, hurrah! We’ve reached meteorological spring, the weather reporters tell us. Astronomical spring is only three weeks away — gardening begins in earnest at last.

There is plenty to do and inviting days of mild temperatures dare us to declare winter over. But, not so fast. While this year has been mild with scant winter weather, we shouldn’t be lured into letting the desire for spring outpace the reality of spring. We will have warmer temperatures and longer days, but remember that a single hard frost can wipe out plants set out too early. Snowstorms are not that uncommon in March and while I, too, hope for an early spring, I urge you to use common sense and caution in embracing the change too early. There’s plenty we can do now without risking frozen or stunted plants.

Protect your soil. Don’t walk on wet garden beds or dig

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