How would salt water affect my lawn, garden? What to know | Home/Garden

Saltwater incursion in the municipal water supply sounds scary. But gardeners shouldn’t panic. This has happened before, as recently as 1988. Other parts of the world that are incredibly productive for growing fruit and vegetables have been dealing with saltwater intrusion for centuries. We, and our gardens, will be OK. 

The risk is that the longer there is excess salt in the water supply, the more salt levels will build in the soil over time. Luckily, salt flushes out of soil each time it rains. It is not a long-term issue. And the coming winter is forecast to be cool and wet. 

Salt water is projected to reach Orleans Parish in about a month, on Oct. 28. Go here to see when the salt water is expected to reach your area.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell has declared a state of emergency to provide authority to city officials to deal with looting,

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