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Home Depot employee Jase Skar takes a water break as Bob Ware looks on while his family and other volunteers helped the World War II veteran relocate to a new home.

The aged elevator system of The Parker apartments in downtown Minot has proven to be an obstacle for many of the elderly residents of the building, forcing some to consider relocating to a new residence.

One such resident is World War II veteran Bob Ware, who moved to Minot from Clovis, New Mexico, to remain close to family that moved to the area.

“My wife died and I had a great-granddaughter that had three boys that lived about a block and a half from me. Every day they’d come see me and spend the night with me. I got so close to them that when they moved up here, I waited a year and moved.” Ware said.

Though 95-year-old

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