Ignoring Home Decor? It Could Be Bad for Business | Warren Shoulberg

Store with a Marshalls and HomeGoods logos on the side.

I love the line in Auntie Mame, a romantic comedy released in 1958, when her nephew Patrick’s stuck-up and somewhat ditzy fiancée, Gloria, sees the library in Mame’s home and says, “I love books; they’re so decorative.”

Well, the fine art of decorating homes has come a long way since then, and thank heavens it has for the gift and home business. Home décor has become a huge business, as witnessed by their place in both wholesale markets and independent specialty stores around the country. Consumers have been looking for trending home décor and easy ways to freshen a room for several years now. Which raises the question: If it’s such a big business, why aren’t the Big Box Boys more involved in it? Walk into just about any major national retail chain that plays in the home

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