Woman who fed starving neighbors shares heartbreaking video after vandals poison her garden with salt: ‘You won’t stop me’

A woman who uses her land to grow food for families struggling with the U.K.’s cost of living crisis was devastated after discovering that her garden was destroyed by salt.

Carly Burd (@carlyburd43 on TikTok) is based in Harlow, Essex, and has been growing fruits and vegetables on her plot of land as a part of her “A Meal on Me With Love” initiative to help put food on the tables of families in need.

This was until someone vandalized her land and crops with salt.

In a video that has garnered over two million views at the time of writing, a tearful Burd shows the freshly-tilled soil polluted with white specs of salt.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken,” she says.

Burd suspects someone must have jumped over her fence at night to scatter salt over her land. Just as excess sodium is bad for humans, too much sodium chloride

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Limited to a small space? Here’s how to grow a successful container garden

A grouping of containers can liven up any deck or patio space.

A grouping of containers can liven up any deck or patio space.

Many gardeners may not have the space or desire to cultivate an extensive in-ground garden where they can grow their favorite flowers or vegetables. Residents of condominiums, apartments and retirement facilities may only have a small patio, balcony or porch where they can exercise their green thumb, but by gardening in containers, they can still have a productive and enjoyable garden. Containers can even be incorporated into existing in-ground growing spaces in the landscape including shrub beds, perennial gardens and woodland or shade gardens.

How-to: Now is the time to weed out poison ivy in your landscape. Here’s how

Choosing containers

There is simply no limit to the variety of different containers on the market that can be used to grow plants outdoors. Garden centers, pottery shops and department stores will all have containers available in a

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‘Garden in a Bag’ is a Mini Garden Anyone Can Grow

From herbs and fruit to flowers, these self-contained mini-gardens require little more than sunlight and water.

Treehugger / Free The Ocean

Treehugger / Free The Ocean

Indoor gardening takes many forms, from microgreen kits to windowsill herb pots to home hydroponic systems. And then there’s the “Garden in a Bag.” Exactly as its name suggests—these cute paper bags are filled with soil and seeds that will grow into one of many plant varieties on a sunny windowsill. This is a fun way to have a steady supply of fresh herbs or flowers year-round.

The plant choices range from lavender and catnip to snapdragons and alpine strawberry. You can also opt for sweet message bags to express affection or gratitude or to send a message to mom or someone else you’re thinking of.

We love how easy these are to grow—and an impatient gardener won’t have to wait long for their mini-gardens to

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What is a survival garden and can it save you money?

Grocery costs are rising—do you need a survival <a href=garden?”/

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With inflation at the top of mind for many, you may be wondering if it’s the most cost-effective way to grow your own food versus shopping at the grocery store.

Considering that food prices are up 10 percent in 2022—and in 2020, the average US household spent almost $1,000 on produce—a survival garden may be just what you need to trim down the grocery bill.

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It’s tempting to leave the supermarket behind and start a garden to grow patio tomatoes and backyard beans, but will you end up spending more money on seeds and supplies than if you just bought your veggies at the store?

We spoke

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