Authority offers reminders on disposal of garden supplies and availability of compost

As the spring cleanup and gardening seasons begin, you may begin to come across old garden supplies that you are unsure of how to properly dispose of. Here are some reminders and tips on how to dispose of these items:

  • Yard tools – Yard tools like shovels and rakes cannot be placed at the curb for curbside recycling. Instead, they can be brought to either of the Authority’s EcoDrop facilities in Utica or Rome to be recycled as scrap metal. If they are still in good condition, reach out to a neighbor to see if they could use them, or donate them.
  • Electric and gas power tools – Electric and gas power tools are not accepted for curbside recycling. Electric power tools along with power cords and rechargeable batteries can be recycled at the Authority’s EcoDrops. Gas power tools are also accepted at the Authority’s EcoDrops. Please be sure that
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