Your end-of-season gardening to-do list in the Midwest

As we approach winter, consider adding a bird feeder to your garden.

As we approach winter, consider adding a bird feeder to your garden.

We celebrated Thanksgiving, and the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game was played. This is usually all that needs to happen for people to put this gardening season behind them and look ahead to the upcoming holidays. There is nothing wrong with this. As we shut the gardening season down, I would like to remind you of a few things you may not have considered.

Out on the patio

There might be a few things out in the yard or around the patio that could be damaged if we have periods of extended sub-freezing temperatures. Items such as plastic rain gauges might get overlooked. You will want to move these items to an area where they will stay a little warmer, such as a garage or shed.

Ceramic and terracotta pots could crack if they are still filled

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Year-round gardening: Gift ideas for the Colorado gardener on your list | Lifestyle

As the garden goes to sleep, it’s time to replenish garden supplies, add a house plant or two, and plan for next year. What a great opportunity to peruse the local nurseries and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.

Rick’s Garden Center offers tropical plants, a dedicated cactus room, along with plenty of Christmas trees and wreaths. Tools include space-optimizing kits for self-watering table gardens and balcony gardens, while the foldaway garden kneeler and seat provides gardening cushion and comfort. Prepare now for seed sowing with Rick’s large selection of heirloom seeds and check next spring for their enhanced tomato plant offering.

Phelan Gardens showcases a wide assortment of garden essentials, garden décor, easy-care air plants, and Colorado-made Fire Mountain edibles. The adjoining greenhouse is full of plants including cyclamen and colorful Christmas cacti.

Phelan’s centerpiece Christmas tree is a nice example of organic décor sporting seed pods, dried leaves

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Centravis supplies almost 40 tonnes of stainless pipes for modernization of Parisian Garden of Plants

Centravis supplies almost 40 tonnes of stainless pipes for modernization of Parisian Garden of Plants

PJSC Centravis Production Ukraine, part of the Centravis Ltd. holding, supplied about 40 tonnes of seamless stainless steel pipes for the Garden of Plants in Paris.

According to the company’s press release, Ukrainian pipes are intended to modernize the complex.

As specified, the Garden of Plants in Paris was founded in the 17th century. It is the oldest botanical garden in the French capital and the first open to the public. For many centuries, rare plants from all over the world were planted there.

The Garden of Plants is part of the National Museum of Natural History. On its territory there are four large departments – the Museum of Mineralogy, the Museum of Paleontology, the Museum of Entomology and an extensive gallery of evolution, as well as a zoo and an aquarium.

The special pride of the park area of the Garden of Plants is the greenhouses, the first of

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Community Garden to host fall festival

The Good News Community Garden at St. Mary’s-St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is hosting a fall festival Saturday, Nov. 4, at the garden, 104 St. Mary’s Church Road, from 1-4 p.m.

The free event is open to the public and will include pony rides, environmental displays, garden tours and demonstrations on composting and electric vehicles.

The garden began in April as a way for church members and other volunteers to grow fresh produce to supply the Glen Alpine Food Bank. The garden supplied more than 800 pounds of fresh produce — tomatoes, bell peppers, tomatillo, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, onion, watermelons and cantaloupe. A second planting of fall and winter vegetables has been planted for harvest later in November. The garden has also supplied tomatillos to the food pantry at St. Charles Catholic Church.

St. Mary’s, which sits on five acres of land, has a long

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Best ‘Garden Supply’ Store 2012 | Pierson’s

click to enlarge Pierson's Garden Center - PHOTO BY HEIDI WALTERS
  • Photo by Heidi Walters
  • Pierson’s Garden Center

Our mistake, in retrospect, is as glaring as the ballast in a thousand-watt grow light: We figured you all had inhaled enough Humboldt hints — the fertilizer ads promising “enormous buds,” the billboards touting “higher yields,” heck, the print ads in our own pages — that you’d cotton to the irony in those quotation marks. “Garden supply.”

Nu-huh-hudge. Winkily wink.

Such are the effects of living in a region where the No. 1 industry dare not speak its own name. Innumerable local businesses got their, shall we say, seed money from our illicit botanical bounty, and over the years a host of support industries have — cough — cropped up. And I’m not just talking about the head shops and dispensaries. I mean the doctors dealing 215 cards; the lawyers getting paid in cash; the restaurant serving gouda-bacon French fries

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New garden center among recent upgrades at Saline’s Tractor Supply Co. store

SALINE, MI — Customers shopping at Saline’s Tractor Supply Co. can expect some new features the next time they stop in.

The store at 111 Sage Court recently underwent a remodel and added new features, including a garden center, a redesigned store layout and in-store technology upgrades.

The new garden center is filled with an assortment of lawn and garden products including annuals, perennials, shrubs, decorative accent plants, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables.

“We are excited for customers to visit our new space, especially the garden center that offers more products than ever before,” Rachel Aughton, manager of the Saline Tractor Supply store manager, said in a statement. “Whether you’re a first time-gardener or a professional, the garden center has all your gardening and landscaping needs.”

The location has also improved its layout and added a new customer service hub with upgraded digital tools to help customers. The store also

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Horn Lake Tractor Supply unveils major upgrades and new Garden Center | Business

Tractor Supply announced the completion of a remodel of the entire store in Horn Lake location that the company says will transform the shopping experience for local customers.

The store is now home to a new, extensive Garden Center loaded with plants, lawn and garden essentials for everyone from first-time gardeners to experienced vegetable growers. 

The enhanced store features an improved layout for convenient and accessible shopping as well as a new Customer Service Hub with upgraded digital tools to help customers find what they need. Additionally, customers can now shop from an expanded assortment of apparel, tools, hardware, pet food, animal feed and more.

The Garden Center offers an expansive new assortment of lawn and garden products, including annuals, perennials, shrubs, decorative accent plants, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables. Customers will also find top-tier items from national brands such as Scotts, Miracle-Gro and Bonnie Vegetables, as well as new

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The garden of eatin’

My wife has ants in her plants. She also has rabbits and squirrels and birds, oh my!

The creatures have been eating the vegetables in Sue’s garden. In retaliation, my green-thumbed sweetheart has been waging a constant battle to stop the pesky invaders from decimating the fruits of her labors.

“They’re destroying my zucchini!” Sue moaned recently after discovering that some creepy critters had been gorging on the thick courgettes she takes supreme pleasure in making me eat.

To put it mildly, I am not a fan of squash, though I do like tennis. Sue is also growing cucumbers, which I hate, too, so it’s a good thing I don’t play pickleball.

Anyway, she is at her wits’ end with these creatures. (With me, she is only at her halfwit’s end.)

The question is: How do we get rid of them?

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Hydroponic Garden Tower grows year-round greens indoors

I grew up with a ready supply of freshly picked greens and veggies from my parents’ garden, but apartment dwellers don’t have such luxuries. This is where indoor growing units can help, and the Nutraponics Garden Tower can host up to 100 plants.

Though we have seen mainstream companies like LG get into the automated growing scene, most of the indoor gardening projects we’ve seen over the years have sought production funding on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The Nutraponics Garden Tower system is also taking the crowdfunding route.

The tower is being made available with three growing tiers that can accommodate up to 60 plants at the same time and measures 44 x 24 x 24 in (111.76 x 60.96 x 60.96 cm), or as a 70-inch-high (177.8 cm) five-tier unit for up to 100 plants.

This is an automated hydroponics system that pumps nutrient-enhanced water up through the

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