Which One Should You Choose in 2023?

U-Haul vs. Home Depot

Photo: bobvila.com

The cost of moving can be expensive—there’s no getting around it. And it’s not just long-distance moves that can cause sticker shock, either; finding affordable moving trucks for a local move can be much more expensive than expected, especially if the closing dates on the old and new homes don’t line up and folks have to figure out what to do with all their stuff in the interim. DIY moves are almost always less costly than hiring a full-service moving company. U-Haul is a ubiquitous name with which most people are familiar, but while many people have seen The Home Depot’s rental trucks in a parking lot or on the road, most don’t realize these trucks can be rented for more than transporting the plywood or a bulky new grill that didn’t fit into their sedan. Through their direct rentals and their partnership with Penske (one of the

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