Master Gardeners: Save on food costs: Grow a garden | Home And Garden

The number of U.S. households that are involved in gardening has shown a dramatic increase each year since 2018.

It’s no surprise that during COVID the number of gardeners increased. It makes sense. People were stuck at home and bored — and the garden beckoned us. It seems that upward trend will continue in 2023 as we see the cost of groceries getting more expensive.

There are many reasons to garden: exercise, enjoyment, healthier food among them. But as the economy has worsened and inflation increases, 76% of gardeners say they plan to enlarge their food gardens this year to save on food costs. This is a normal response when people are worrying about food insecurity or struggling with their household budgets.

Will a food garden produce enough food to feed a family?

In uncertain times, many folks say, “I’ll plant a garden to feed my family.” That’s probably not

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