Why flowers are your vegetable plants’ best friends

I love a good list. As a serial planner, the idea of being spontaneous never crosses my mind. That includes my gardening regimen. And now is the time of the year when I get to organize and plant my spring veggie garden.

Over the years, I have learned, as many of you have, that by incorporating flowers into my edible grow space, I have yielded better results for both myself and the environment.

I accomplish this by making plant selections and their placement as the guiding star of my garden plan. By capitalizing on a plant’s strengths and understanding its weaknesses, I can create a smarter use of space. In turn, the plants work synergistically as a team for the maximum outcome. Those colorful and sometimes fragrant blooms that flowers offer can be in service to our vegetable plants which in turn, improves the quality and quantity of the bounty.

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Master Gardeners: Save on food costs: Grow a garden | Home And Garden

The number of U.S. households that are involved in gardening has shown a dramatic increase each year since 2018.

It’s no surprise that during COVID the number of gardeners increased. It makes sense. People were stuck at home and bored — and the garden beckoned us. It seems that upward trend will continue in 2023 as we see the cost of groceries getting more expensive.

There are many reasons to garden: exercise, enjoyment, healthier food among them. But as the economy has worsened and inflation increases, 76% of gardeners say they plan to enlarge their food gardens this year to save on food costs. This is a normal response when people are worrying about food insecurity or struggling with their household budgets.

Will a food garden produce enough food to feed a family?

In uncertain times, many folks say, “I’ll plant a garden to feed my family.” That’s probably not

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