20 Cute Gardening Products You Can Order on Amazon Before Spring Planting

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<p>The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon</p>

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Amazon

Whether you’ve already started your spring planting plans or you’re just mapping out your flower beds for the season, now is definitely the time to stock up on gardening supplies.

With nothing but gardens and outdoor season our mind, we scrolled through Amazon and found a ton of adorable pieces to make your backyard and outdoor spaces even more stylish this season.

Play22 Complete Garden Tool Kit With Bag & Gloves

We don’t subscribe to the idea that men and women need different things to get the job done. The need for aesthetically pleasing tools should know no bounds! This adorable bag comes with everything you need to tackle your gardens and is cute enough to leave out in the

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Organic gardening chores for the month of March

March is the time to fertilize your plants. Soils in Montgomery County are generally low in nitrogen and need the addition of a slow-release organic fertilizer. Amending the soil with compost will add fertility as well as much-needed organic matter. Local soil is woefully low in organic matter, containing only about 1 to 5 percent is needed. Compost will lower the need to supply supplemental irrigation. With irrigation restrictions, the addition of compost could make the difference in a plant’s survival. In addition to adding compost to the flower beds, top-dress the lawn. Adding just one-fourth to one-half inch of compost on the lawn twice yearly will achieve measurable results.

Earthworms love compost. When compost is added to the garden and flower beds, earthworms tunnel upward to reach the organic matter. In doing so, they open vertical tunnels that allow air and water to penetrate the soil. If compacted soil … Read the rest