21 top choices for stunning homegrown displays

Once you know the best cutting garden flowers to grow at home, it can be surprisingly straightforward to create a bed or border which will supply enough blooms to fill vases from spring to autumn. 

Mix up colors, shapes, and sizes for a stunning kaleidoscope of a flower garden, or alternatively, stick to a limited palette for a simpler feel. It doesn’t matter whether you have a couple of meters of ground or a larger space for your flower bed, there are plenty of possibilities for every size and budget, and plants to suit all levels of growing skill. 

Bulbs demand nothing more than making a shallow hole in the ground, planting them pointed side up, covering them with soil, and waiting for them to sprout. Annuals (plants that bloom and die within a year) only require sprinkling seed into a seed tray or directly on the ground and they

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