How wide should a raised garden bed be? Expert advice for picking the perfect size

 A raised bed kitchen garden with curvy planters

A raised bed kitchen garden with curvy planters

Raised beds are a great way to grow a huge range of plants in your garden, yet they do need to be practical. That means choosing the correct width of a raised garden bed to make it fit for purpose.

If you are looking to build them for the first time, you may be thinking just how wide should a raised garden bed be? Well, make it too wide and you won’t be able to reach the middle, too narrow and you will really be limiting your growing options. A width of four feet is generally regarded as the recommended maximum.

When you are putting together your raised bed ideas, put real thought into the sizings of the structures. Here we look at what is the right width for a raised garden bed and why it is important to get those

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The 5 Best Deals at Home Depot Right Now

A man crouching on the floor next to tools while repairing a bathroom sink.

Image source: Getty Images

Ready to tackle some home projects?

Key points

  • Home Depot is featuring some excellent items this week to help you start the new year off right.
  • If it’s time to whip your closet into shape, check out an organization system that will give you 30 feet of shelf space.
  • You can pick up a pressure washer so you’ll be ready for the upcoming spring cleaning season.

Ah, Home Depot. The smell of freshly cut lumber, the bustle of activity around the paint section. There’s something about home projects and all the materials you need for them that is just exciting. As we head into a new year full of possibilities, you might be making a list of all the projects you plan to take on over the course of the year. To that end, right now Home Depot has some excellent deals on tools to help

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