HomeGoods Is Selling the Cutest Halloween Decor & It Totally Gives Us “Hocus Pocus” Vibes

September is finally here, and for us spooky folks, that means one thing: we can finally start decorating for Halloween without our friends, neighbors, and family members feeling like they need to tell us we have a “concerning problem.” Um, it’s just home decor, people! We can decorate for Halloween as early as we’d like, thankyouverymuch. This year, we’re harnessing our mischievous and defiant Halloween obsession in a way that the Sanderson Sisters, of “Hocus Pocus” fame, would be proud of. And wouldn’t you know, we found some of the cheekiest and freakiest Halloween decor at HomeGoods?

The pull of HomeGoods has always seemed a little supernatural to us. One minute, we’re running into the grocery store, the next, we’re coming out of the HomeGoods store across the street with a few bags full of goodies. How did it happen? We’ll never know. But these days,

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