How to get rid of pigeons from your garden – four humane and effective deterrents

Pigeons in the garden are extremely common throughout the UK, here’s how to humanely and safely deter the pesky birds from your outdoor space with four effective deterrents.

Pigeons leave an absurd amount of droppings, which many don’t realise are actually corrosive.

The common birds’ faeces are highly acidic, and can stain surfaces they’re, as well as increasing deteroration of the surface.

Pigeons also produce debris – feathers and dropping nest materials are the most common signs of a pigeon being nearby.

They are also not afraid to attack crops, flowers and vegetables in a garden, and are prone to scaring off other non-pest wildlife.

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How to get rid of pigeons

1. Don’t feed them

Like most animals, if pigeons are fed, they will return, and the abundance of food will attract other animals.

However, spring and early summer is the

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All the best President’s Day sales: Furniture, mattress, Home Depot, Lowe’s and more

Express picked out the best deals across the major retailers this weekend. Here are the top savings, from furniture and appliance bargains like refrigerators, mattresses, washers at Home Depot and Lowe’s, to tech steals like air purifiers and laptops on Amazon.

Home Depot President’s Day sales

Home Depot has a number of big discounts across all its ranges. It is offering 25 percent off major appliances and small appliances, as well as $100 dollars off select tools and 30 percent off some mattresses.

Home Depot appliance deals

Lowe’s President’s Day sales

Lowe’s mattress deals

Lowe’s is offering up to $300 off selected mattresses. This includes the

Lowe’s appliance deals

Amazon President’s Day sales

Amazon has a range of deals across an enormous selection. This includes furniture, tech, clothing, and supplements. Here’s a pick of the best savings.

Walmart President’s Day deals

If you are looking for great deals, Walmart has

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Plants which need a ‘tiny amount of water’ to grow in your garden – including lavender

With hot summers soon to be the norm for areas in the UK, gardeners may be looking for plants which can withstand the warm weather. Property experts at Stokemont Surveyors recommended lavender, a popular plant which can be “left to its own devices”.

The experts explained: “A super simple flower to kickstart your water-efficient garden is lavender, a flowering plant of the Lavandula family.

“The gorgeous light purple and white coloring makes for a stunning display, and its need for only a little water a day means it can be left to its own devices.

“Bear in mind that lavender does require a lot of sun to truly thrive, so be wise about where you plant the seeds.”

In a similar purple color is the California Lilac.

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“However, at the end of the branches bloom vibrant pink flowers

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