Dos and Don’ts of Shopping at Home Depot: 10 Money-Saving Tips

Sundry Photography / Getty Images

Sundry Photography / Getty Images

Whether you’re in the market for Christmas decorations and lights, home improvement items, tools or even household goods, Home Depot is the first stop on the list for many shoppers. You never know what kind of deals you’ll find lurking in the massive aisles of this one-stop big box store for do-it-yourselfers, homeowners, and general contractors or home improvement professionals.

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When you’re shopping for the best prices, it helps to know a few insider secrets that are exclusive to The Home Depot. These Dos and Don’ts can keep you from paying more than you have to on your next home renovation project or gardening supplies.


Look for Yellow Price Tags

Yellow price tags at Home Depot indicate sales, as revealed by Family Handyman.

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