Hydroponic Gardening Is Growing Strong

If home-grown greens sound more appealing than the imported store-bought variety, but you don’t want to wait until spring to start planting seeds, hydroponic indoor gardens will ensure you have fresh organic produce all year. 

Using water instead of soil, these cutting-edge planters are designed to fit every home, whether you’re looking for a discrete herb-garden on a kitchen countertop, or a triple-decker vertical farm to create an eye-catching contemporary living room that can help feed the whole family.

Compact, eco-friendly, and fuss-free, hydroponic home gardens are primed to be the next must-have amenity.

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“In the near future, the ability to grow your own produce, either in your own home or within the building, is going to be an expectation and eventually a standard,” says Stephen Kliegerman, president of Brown Harris Stevens Development
Marketing, who often suggests high-end buildings incorporate hydroponic

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