Thomsens Garden Center has new owners

by Dennis Dalman

[email protected]

Thomsens Garden Center in Collegeville, northwest of St. Joseph, now has new owners – Steph and Ryan Roder, who live in Buffalo.

Arno Shermock, the owner-operator of Thomsens for the past 15 years, recently sold the business to the Roders. Shermock said he intends to keep working at the greenhouse through the growing season, along with its new owners. Thomsens, which started in the late 1970s, has come to be the largest greenhouse under glass in central Minnesota and attracts customers from a large area.

Bob and Bonnie Thomsen were the founders and owners-operators of the greenhouse for its first decade or so, until they sold the business to Shermock.

During an interview with the Newsleader, the Roders said they decided to buy Thomsens because it’s a perennially successful garden center, adding they plan to keep the same “great” employee team and will offer the center’s

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