25 Fall Home Decor Items To Switch Your Space After Summer

It’s time to store your summer linens and say goodbye to your beach-themed bathroom decor, because autumn is finally here. But, decorating for fall doesn’t have to mean an abundance of artificial pumpkins and flannel throws. According to Sheva Knopfler, the co-founder and creative director of Lights.comdecorating for specific seasons comes down to the aesthetics of that time of year and seasonal color schemes.

“Summer decor tends to use brighter colors to mimic vibrant floral blooms, and fresh, clean designs for sunny coastal vibes,” Knopfler tells Bustle. “Fall decor features muted, natural tones like autumn leaves, and leans towards warm, cottage styles to cozy up the drop of temperature.”

Of course, decorating is all about how a piece of decor makes you feel. If you hate autumn colors or want to avoid decorations that become irrelevant after Halloween, Knopfler recommends leaning into seasonal botanicals and harvest themes around

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