15 Creative Ways to Store Your Garden Hose

<p>The Spruce / Dera Burreson</p>

The Spruce / Dera Burreson

Storing a garden hose correctly is essential to prevent damage and in turn, have a lush green backyard. If you’re tired of a bright yellow garden hose sticking out like a sore thumb and distracting from your beautiful landscaping, we’re here to share 15 creative ways to store your garden hose.

Not only are these ideas practical and help prolong this essential garden tool’s lifespan and good working conditions, they also provide options for discreet and even stylish outdoor storage.

Hide It in a Lidded Hose Pot

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Coil your garden hose and store it neatly and discreetly in a lidded hose pot. These storage containers are designed specifically for storing a garden hose and come in various materials and designs.

For a traditional look, go with a vintage-style copper hose pot such as this one, or for a sleek and modern appearance, choose a

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