civic issues – Kolkata Municipal Corporation water supply pipe explodes at Garden Reach

A 15ft long section of a 1200mm diameter water pipe inside the Garden Reach water treatment plant in southwest Kolkata burst and broke away from the supply line disrupting water supply in and around the city on Wednesday morning.

Engineers who were restoring the broken section said that water supply would remain normal on Thursday. The accident happened around 7am.

A senior engineer of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), the custodian of the plant, said that the line burst and broke open the soil and concrete surface above it, such was its impact.

“We are still working on the repairs. We are hoping that the water supply will remain normal from Thursday morning,” said the engineer on Wednesday night.

Another engineer said that supply to the affected line was stopped to enable repairs and the water was diverted through other pipes.

Large areas of Kolkata, including entire Behala and

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