Going The Distance: The Pietro Collection’s Secret To Its Seemingly Infinite Supply Of Home Decor

A designer had once seen The Pietro Collection as Ali Baba’s cave, because he always discovered something new each time he visited.

He wasn’t wrong. After all, the brand is a one-stop shop for all home decor needs.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

The eponymous collection refers to home accessories, accent furniture, lighting, rugs, and artworks curated from around the world.

With its extensive selection of global goods, The Pietro Collection offers design solutions tailor-fit to each unique house.

“We try to satisfy the varied design preferences of our clients,” owner Winnie Domingo tells Lifestyle Asia.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100

Magic shop

However, it’s not exactly a magic shop that conjured these premium pieces out of nowhere. In fact, each item took a lot of personal time and effort to be included in the collection.

“My sister, Rachelle Almario, and I do the buying

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