12 hot gardening trends of 2024: From front-yard re-do’s to ‘rainscaping’

Gardening and the products that go with it might be noticeably more expensive, but prices don’t seem to be turning people away from America’s No. 1 outdoor activity.

The National Gardening Association’s 2023 National Gardening Survey found an estimated 80 percent of American households are taking part in some sort of lawn or gardening activity – a five-year high.

About one-third of gardeners say they’re spending more to keep pace with higher prices, while others say they’re coping by trimming back on discretionary costs, especially in the areas of flower gardening and lawn care.

Houseplant growing checks in as the type of gardening showing the biggest growth, NGA’s survey found.

What’s on the gardening horizon as we head into 2024? Here are a dozen forecasts from gardening trends-watchers:

More than just pretty plants

A big-picture trend (mentioned by several sources) involves a change in the whole underlying purpose motivating people

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