East Pearl Street businesses changed with the times

More than a century ago, the east end of Pearl Street had everything we aspire to in a community. A vibrant and diverse part of town, the blocks east of 15th were ‘mixed use’ with residences amidst locally owned business, convenient transit and even shops for recycled materials.

Carol TaylorIn Retrospect
Carol TaylorIn Retrospect

Working families found the necessities for daily life on the east end: dry goods, work clothes, furniture, ice, coal for heating and fuel, mechanical parts, farm supplies, as well as a family grocer, a barbershop, the post office, and public schools.

Boulder Feed Mill, at 2027 Pearl, sold flour, grain, hay and coal. Livery stables for feeding and boarding horses also populated the east Pearl blocks. Stagecoaches made regular trips from one of the liveries to mountain mining towns.

The Denver & Boulder Valley Railroad depot was located on Pearl Street between 22nd and 23rd streets, from the 1870s

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