Spring has arrived. Here’s when to plant food and flowers in the garden.

Spring is here, which means farm workers at the Haley House Thornton Street Urban Farm and Community Gardens are looking at seeds.

“It is the first day of spring, and we are plotting and planning what we’re going to be growing this season,” said Jay Vilar, program director at the Haley House. “A lot of the work that we’re doing now is about just getting ready for the season. So we’re doing a lot of our seed ordering. We’re doing our starts at the Dudley Greenhouse and we’re starting to get our deliveries of soil and compost ready to go.”

Haley House uses its Roxbury farm to provide both food and education, Vilar said. The nonprofit runs a cafe, soup kitchen and other initiatives that connect food and community. The three-quarter acre farm grows fresh produce and allows students and neighbors to tend to the soil.

“What we’re really waiting

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