Get garden color with less work by planting in containers | Home/Garden

Most of us crave color in the landscape. Colorful flowers and foliage enliven a landscape and bring interest and beauty.

We typically plant colorful flowerbeds to provide splashes of color. While beautiful, flowerbeds are high maintenance. They require laborious bed preparation and planting. Then comes the continuous work of grooming (deadheading and removing unattractive foliage), watering, weeding and fertilizing.

With the record-breaking heat this summer, it’s been hard to get out and maintain flowerbeds. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to have the landscape color we want without all that labor?

Planting colorful bedding plants in large containers will do just that. Strategically placed where the color will be most appreciated, colorful plants in containers can add the color we crave with much less effort.

The only limit to where you put colorful container gardens is water. It’s best to have a source of water close enough

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