The Only 10 Things You Need on Hand When Shopping at The Home Depot

iStock-1168330965 Home Depot Shopping People shopping at The Home Depot


Every successful home improvement project starts with a projected timeline, a target completion date, and a list of needed supplies. For those without a ton of DIY experience, though, it can be tough to figure out what’s needed and how much time the project may actually take without consulting detailed how-to guides that offer helpful materials lists. And that list of supplies is just half the shopping hurdle.

To make it over the other half of that hurdle, you also need to know the exact dimensions of the space you’re working on and have samples on hand to match colors, trim profiles, and hardware. The more you accomplish on that first trip to The Home Depot, the fewer times you’ll have to head back. The road to an easier, less stressful DIY project starts with making the most of that initial visit, so here’s a handy list of

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