The Five Gardening Tasks You Should Complete in February

February is the shoulder season in many parts of the U.S. Though my entire winter garden was lost to a solid inch of frozen ice just two weeks ago, it’s been in the 50s the last few days, and the irises and tulips have started to emerge. Like most gardeners, this fills me with both excitement and anxiety with a capital A—am I already behind? You’re not, because February is the time to catch up. So in this, the shortest of all months, you have not one, but two jobs: Wrap up all the things you’ve not yet accomplished for winter, while preparing for spring. By the time we talk next month, we’ll be deep in seeding season. 

Get your fruit positioned for an amazing season

We’re at the tail end of the work that’ll determine what kind of fruit harvest you’ll have. Start by pruning any fruit trees and

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