What does your home — your furniture, colors, art — say about you?

I have interviewed hundreds of designers over the years, and I often ask this same question: What makes you cringe when you walk into someone’s home? I expect them to say something like bad taste, too much clutter, no sense of proportion — but universally, their answer is this: lack of personality.

Our homes say a lot about us, and ideally, the goal is for our homes to reflect the best version of us, not the too timid, too busy or too boring version. So when a pitch from a publicist promised that her client, interior designer Margarita Bravo, could reveal “what the aesthetics of someone’s home reveal about their values and identity,” I was intrigued.

In 20 years of writing this column, I’ve never seen a pitch for a design psychic. I thought I would put Bravo to the test. Although she later conceded this wasn’t her idea, Bravo,

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