Germinating seeds in Southeast Texas for your spring garden

Each spring, I prefer to start most of my vegetables from seed selected from numerous seed catalogues. I personally enjoy growing several varieties of tomatoes and peppers that are not locally available for purchase. For tomato seeds, an all-time favorite seed catalogue is Totally Tomatoes. The catalogue has pepper and other vegetable seed varieties as well, but its primary focus is tomato growers. They literally have hundreds of tomato varieties from heirloom to amazing new hybrids, most of which are well suited to our Southeast Texas growing environment. Once seed selections are determined, you’ll want to place your order quickly as seed quantities are limited, and seed vendors sell out fast. Time is needed to start the germination process in preparation of spring planting. 

The Farmer’s Almanac states the last frost date for Southeast Texas is February 29th, give or take a couple weeks for surrounding cities

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