Christmas over? Must be time to marathon Nicolas Cage movies at the Depot – Duluth News Tribune

DULUTH — The actor Nicolas Cage comes from California. He’s obsessed with New Orleans. He has appeared in movies set all over the world.

Light-skinned woman with short brown hair stands holding a card with the face of Nicolas Cage. Behind her are stills featuring Nicolas Cage in various film roles.
Depot director Mary Tennis at the inaugural “Caged In” event Jan. 6, 2023.

Contributed / St. Louis County Depot

Where does Duluth come into this story? Through the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, and a pun.

“There’s (a) gate that’s used to close the Lake Superior Railroad Museum off from the rest of the building,” explained Hailey Eidenschink, the St. Louis County Depot’s cultural coordinator. “When we would do ghost tours in the building … we would always get ‘caged in’ at the end.”

At a staff brainstorming session, those ghost tours led to an intriguing concept. Eidenschink described the line of thought: “Nicolas Cage … get ‘caged in’ … we should have a movie marathon!”

two women sitting on stage
Mary Tennis, left, and Hailey Eidenschink sit on the stage at
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