The 6 Most High-Yielding Fruits and Vegetables to Plant in Your Culinary Garden

Family preparing fresh salad in a garden

Family preparing fresh salad in a garden

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    • Tomatoes

    • Zucchini

    • Pole Beans

    • Cucumbers

    • Carrots

    • Lettuce

While it can be a rewarding experience to grow a challenging vegetable like sweet corn or celery, sometimes you just want to plant something low-maintenance that produces a lot of food efficiently. Beyond being an idyllic hobby, growing produce in your own garden has a purpose—to fill your kitchen with homegrown ingredients. For that reason, you don’t want all of your crops to be a huge task. If this rings true for you, there are plenty of high-yield vegetables to turn to when you want to grow something easy and fruitful.

Although the following plants are high-yield, they don’t take up an abundance of room in your garden—a win, win. “High-yield vegetables generate more produce from smaller patches, making the most of

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