Planting your leftover store-bought garlic

SAN ANTONIO – Garlic is a kitchen staple, and it’s really annoying when you have to run to the store for just one clove, so let’s plant our own supply in our gardens!

In South Texas, you can plant garlic from October to December. October is usually ideal, but November works, too!

What’s excellent about garlic is you can plant the leftover cloves you bought from the grocery store. When you buy them from the store, buy the biggest bulbs and ensure the garlic is dry and still good.

Of course, you can buy native bulbs from a nursery or online, but re-using your grocery store garlic is sustainable, cheaper, and can grow just as well.

Make sure you do the following to get the best results for planting:

  • Peel back and break up the blub into individual cloves but keep the skin on.

  • Plant in a spot that gets

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