How the warm winter effects your home gardens

With unseasonable temperatures yet again this week, I wondered what the effects would be if this continued until spring. We’ve got a while to go and we may still have some normal temperatures and precipitation. However, the weather projection through the end of the month is for warmer than usual conditions.

So, what can we expect? Realistically, there isn’t much we can do. We can watch for a few problems.

Insects: A warm winter usually means more insects and their eggs will survive, resulting in a buggy spring. This will be lessened if we have a string of very cold days. Mosquitoes may emerge earlier.

Ticks: Anytime temperatures approach 50°F, ticks become active. So, go through the tick prevention routine when you go out: Use repellents, sprays, lotions and treated clothing. Wear long pants and sleeves, pick light colors. The lighter colors make it easier to see ticks.

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