‘Why did I never think of this?’

One TikToker is changing the game with a hack to help your lettuce keep regrowing all season long.

The scoop

A TikToker named Sneji (@themodernnonna), who goes by The Modern Nonna, posts a number of food videos — featuring delicious-looking recipes and easy hacks for your garden. And one of her recent videos for growing lettuce has been earning lots of attention.

“This is the only lettuce hack and tip you need this summer,” she says in the clip.

The TikToker illustrates using a knife to cut the lettuce approximately an inch or two above where it hits the soil as opposed to pulling the whole thing out, including the roots.

If you harvest your lettuce this way, it will begin to grow back in just a week or so — meaning you’ll have fresh lettuce all season.

Commenters had a variety of tips to add. One suggested that instead

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