Activists plant seeds of change with victory garden at The Outpost in east Vancouver

Monica Zazueta’s fingers dipped into a fresh pile of soil and picked up a tiny seashell.

The local environmental activist thrust the cockle seashell into the air, showing it off to the others around her.

“It’s good luck if you find a seashell in a garden,” Becca Kempton, another local environmentalist, said as she shoveled soil into a bucket.

A huge smile spread over Zazueta’s face. She placed the seashell on a nearby garden bed that would soon be filled with greenery.

“Then that belongs right here,” Zazueta said.

For years, environmental activists have rung the alarm about changes to the world’s climate and fears for future generations. Three of those activists reside in Clark County.

A couple of years ago, Zazueta, Kempton and Karissa Halstrom became fed up with waiting around for leaders to make changes to help save their children’s future. They knew that no amount of luck

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