Olive Garden’s Matching Pajamas Will Bring Your Family Together Over Your Love of Breadsticks

The pajama sets are the brand’s first-ever merchandise drop.

<p>Courtesy of Olive Garden</p>

For years, Olive Garden’s slogan was “When you’re here, you’re family.” The chain axed the motto in 2012 — and for good reason. When you go to a chain Italian restaurant, you want to be treated like a restaurant guest, not like a son-in-law whose mother-in-law is always wary of his wine consumption. (That’s only loosely based on a true story.)

But now, a decade later, Olive Garden has finally come up with a better way to bring families together — and it’s even more awkward than having your server treat you like her uncle. For the first time ever, the chain is unleashing matching holiday pajama sets — so everyone can gather around the Christmas tree while showing off their love of breadsticks.

<p>Courtesy of Olive Garden</p>

The onesie pajamas — which will be available at olivegarden.com starting on December 6 at

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