It’s too hot for your garden

The recent weather has been exceptionally humid and quite hot. This has been very uncomfortable for humans but also takes a toll of the garden. This will be most notable in the vegetable garden as you notice a decrease in your harvest in the next few weeks. Before you panic, looking for problems, be aware that it may just be the effects of the recent hot weather. Blossom drop, failure to flower, slow or stopped growth, dropped leaves and curling leaves are all symptoms of heat stress.

Tomatoes are a good example of plants that are affected by heat. Daytime temperatures between 85 and 95 F and nighttime temperatures above 75 F will cause flowers to drop — no flowers, no tomatoes. Remember, tomatoes are wind pollinated. High humidity will moisten the pollen, making it too heavy to pollinate.

Many other plants will experience similar problems. Blossom drop is common

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